The Crystal Pro Max® Official Announcement

The Crystal Pro Max® Official Announcement

Say No To FAKE”

Dear customers and partners,


We are PAX International Limited, the owner of the Crystal Pro Max®. We noticed the copies of the Crystal Pro Max® are being offered in the market this week.


PAX International Limited holds all the intellectual properties of “The Crystal Pro Max®”. “THE©” and “Made by PAX©” have the copy rights in China, “Vape Like A Pro®” is our registered trademark, “The Crystal Pro Max®” is the registered trademark globally.


Plus, “The Crystal Pro Max®” has been granted the patents in both China, U.K., and the whole Europe.


In addition, “The Crystal Pro Max®” is co-branding with the world leading Pod System brand “Hayati®”. Hayati® is the registered trademark in 37 countries.


PAX is working with three law firms along with the Chinese customs to investigate this serious crime, we reserve all the rights to take ALL the necessary legal actions on all the companies including copy factories, distributors, shipping companies and the individuals who involved in this serious crime. We will crack down the fakes at all costs to defend the brand.  


PAX appeals to ALL the customers, partners, consumers to “SAY NO TO FAKE”, and contact PAX WhatsApp @ +86 17722690972 to buy the genuine products from our official importers.



  • All the products without the mark “Co-Brandingwith Hayati®” are FAKE;
  • Pleaseverify the products on our website:


Best Regards,

PAX International Limited