PAX Statement on Crackdown on Counterfeit Website


Dear consumers, shopkeepers, distributors:

Thanks for your long-term love and support to the original Pro Max.

Recently,we received many quality complaints from consumers, after investigation, finally we found out that is an 1:1 copy Pro Max try to fool the market and confuse the consumers.

Fake Website

This 1:1copy product not only copied our products, but also our website contents, which redirects to a fake website for scratch code verification, it’s very difficult to distinguish if you don’t look carefully.  When you scan the QR code of this fake product to verify, it jump to,but our official old website is Please carefully check the domain name when you verify your vapes.

Counterfeit website:

Genuine website:

Genuine VS Fake

Genuine Website

The Crystal Pro Max is a premier product created by PAX, we made Pro Max most well known in many countries, now the fake products try to use our name to fool the market and confuse the consumers, these copies use cheap raw materials, cheap battery,cheap liquid, which is dangerous to vapers.

Starting from July 15, 2023, PAX re-branded The Crystal Pro Max to Hayati® Pro Max to help consumers easy to distinguish the original Pro Max and the fakes, to protect our brand, to protect consumers’ health.

We strongly condemn this kind of malicious and irresponsible activities, PAX is working with solicitors to crack down this 1:1 fake product and fake website to protect consumers’ heath.

PAX urges all consumers to verify your vapes to protect our brand, to protect your health.