Headquartered in Hong Kong, financing by several international private equities, including Quantum X Holdings Limited, Platinum Private Equity, etc.

2023, we established 5 operation centres in China Mainland:

Vaporization R&D Centre (VRDC)

Innovation R&D Centre (IRDC)

IT Operation Centre (ITC)

Global Technical Supporting Centre (GTS)

Supply Chain Management Centre (SMC)

PAX invested in a variety of consumer electronics products, including mobile phones, wireless chargers, electronic cigarettes, etc. Our strategic partners for electronic manufacturing services are Foxconn, Luxshare, UMC,...

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Global Footprints:

Hong Kong:
PAX Innovations Limited

PAX Innovations (Shenzhen) Limited

PAX Innovations Pte Ltd

United Kingdom:
PAX Innovations Limited

PAX Innovations OÜ

PAX Innovations LLC